Start Confirmation

- Introduction

- Funders who use Start Confirmation on Je-S

- Failure to respond to Start Confirmation

- Process for confirming start

- Document Menu

- Start date

- Organisation Reference

- Fund Headings

- Payment Data

- Printing


A Research Organisation is required to provide the actual start date of the grant and details of the funding heading under which expenditure has been incurred. Further information may be required for some fund headings (e.g. staff details).

The Research Organisation will automatically be issued with a Start Confirmation document.  Submission of the Start Confirmation is required not more than 42 days after the actual start date.


The Start Confirmation has been added to the list of document types which can be selected for inclusion in non-default submitter pools in the new Pool Admin Tool. If a Research Organisation is using non-default submitter pools, they will have to use Pool Admin to include Start Confirmation in the relevant pools otherwise, all Start Confirmation documents will be routed to the Default Submitter Pool.


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Funders who use Start Confirmation on Je-S

Research Councils

Other funders
























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Failure to respond to Start Confirmation

Failure to respond will result in the grant lapsing.  UKRI Grants will contact the RO at this point but if, for some reason, this doesn’t happen then please contact the Je-S Helpdesk.


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Process for confirming start

Users in the relevant pool assign a Start Confirmation document to themselves for completion.


Users submit a response to the Council (via a submitter pool for two-stage).


A Start Confirmation document has an expiry date.  Once the expiry date has passed then it will only be possible to view the document.


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Document Menu

The document menu screen is the main screen for editing the Start Confirmation. All actions on the document can be accessed from this page.

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Start Date

Clicking on Actual Start Date will allow a Research Organisation to indicate the start date of the grant and the fund headings under which expenditure has been incurred.


An Earliest Start Date and Latest Start Date will be shown. The Actual Start date will need to within the permissible start date range for the grant.  The start date can not be after the current date.


The Actual Start Date must be entered before entering any staff details.


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Organisation Reference

Clicking on Organisation will allow a Research Organisation to provide a RO reference for the grant and is unrelated to the reference that the organisation will have provided when the proposal was submitted.


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Fund Headings

Clicking on Fund Headings will display the fund headings for the Scheme. At least one fund heading must be selected.


If a fund heading that requires staff details is selected then the date started of at least one of the staff details entered should equal the Actual Start Date of the grant.


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Payment Data

Clicking on the Payment Data will allow the payment data for the grant to be opened. An Issue Date and Issue Reason will be displayed. Each Payment Record will relate to Financial Year/ Financial Quarter and have a Status.

Where there is more than one funding stream for a grant then a “combined” funding stream will be shown as well as the individual funding streams.


The payment data can be exported into Excel.    


The payment data may be updated by the Research Council at any time after the offer has been accepted and current payment data can be seen in Status Reporting.


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The Je-S System provides the functionality for you to produce a ‘print-out’ of your response to the Start Confirmation. This ‘print-out’ includes the payment for the grant. See general printing helptext for more information at Printing Documents.


The payment data for an individual funding stream can be printed after clicking on Payment Data.


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