Preparing for the PhD Submission Survey 2019 - Hints and Tips

Preparing for the Survey

  1. Prior to the Survey - background

  2. Using the Batch Update functionality to check student data

  3. Studentship is associated with more than one Research Organisation

  4. Terminated Students

  5. Resubmitting Studentship details


Completing the Survey

    6.   Access to the Survey in Je-S

    7.   Completing the Submission Survey - Access and navigation


Advice and help with using the Je-S System

    8.  Contacting the Je-S Helpdesk


Preparing for the Survey

     1. Prior to the Survey

The survey is a snapshot of the data taken at the time the survey is launched and is drawn from the information entered via the Studentship Details functionality in Je-S.  This year, the survey will be launched on 21 October and will be open until 3 December.  The details within the survey cannot be amended.

Access to the Survey functionality is controlled by the Research Organisation (RO) Master Account holder and we ask that you ensure that the correct administrators have been granted the access rights to complete PhD Submission details, add/edit new students/researcher, use the Studentship Details Batch Update tool.  Further guidance on how to do this is available here

The survey presents the students by Department. Once a Department list has been completed the Department can be submitted. If there is an issue with one of the records (fails validation) the Department list cannot be submitted - more about this in section 8.

To minimise issues, check the Studentship Details in the Batch Update before 14 October to ensure the correct students get captured in the survey (Expected submission dates 1/10/18 to 30/09/19).

    2. Using the Batch Update functionality to help you check current students data

Make sure you have the right Filters applied to display the information.

A-     Select Preferences from the Document Menu

B-     Select the categories to be displayed

C-    Save the selected criteria

D-    Select the Filter option


           E-     Select the List view and Continue


         F-     Select the Academic Year or All option. Apply the Filter. If selecting a year then it would be advisable to include a check on 4-5 Academic Years prior   to 2018.



i       G- Click on the Column heading to order the display of information. Clicking again will reverse the order.

    H-  The information can be exported to a spreadsheet (useful if large numbers of studentships returned).

     I-     Indicates when the studentship details were last submitted to the Council.

    J-   If any details need amending select Open to edit the studentship details.


         K-  Within the studentship details record, the Expected Submission Date can be amended in the  Researcher Training Dates section

      L-     Select Edit

      M-   Amend the details of the expected submission date to either include, or remove, from the survey date parameters (please do not amend the expected submission date to a date earlier than 01/10/18 – otherwise this will prevent the student from being picked up in this year’s, or any subsequent, survey).



Remember to Save and then Submit the Studentship Details.

3   3. Studentship is associated with more than one Research Organisation (RO)

In some cases there may be three organisations involved in administering a studentship: e.g. a student is registered at one organisation, has supervision from a second and is funded from a training grant to a third. The studentship details should have only been recorded once within Je-S and should therefore only appear in the survey against one of the ROs.


The student will appear in the survey for the RO which has taken responsibility for submitting the details. However if the student should appear in another of the associated ROs then ensure the Tick box is amended:


Within the Studentship Details select Research Organisation from the Document Menu.

Ensure the correct RO is indicated (as per the screenshot below),if not then edit the detail.



Note: there is an issue affecting visibility of the student details in Je-S in instances where a Student record is submitted by one RO with another RO being the degree awarding organisation. The organisations can be added in any order however it is the order of the markers that are applied that will determine future visibility in Batch Update.

1)           1) The organisation that is responsible for submitting the document must have its marker applied first.  




              2) The degree awarding organisation should have their marker added second. 



              3) When the markers have been applied in this order it will ensure visibility to both organisations when viewing the student in Batch Update. 


However there is no easy way of telling within Batch Update what order the ticks were applied so both the organisations should be deleted from the document.  They can then both be re-added, and the markers then applied in the correct order. Please note that deleting and reapplying only the markers will not resolve the issue.




If your organisation has several records that would need deleting then the Je-S Helpdesk will be able to amend the records if you provide details of the Student’s Document ID, Name and Dept.


Remember to Save and then Submit the Studentship Details.


     4. Terminated Students

If a student terminates within the first year then they should not be included in the survey. Please note though that if a student’s dates are 1 October to 30 September then they will be included because this is deemed by the system to be one year. Our advice is to make the terminated date earlier eg 29 September (within the year).


   5. Resubmitting Studentship Details

The Research Councils have requested that any records that have been edited since they were last submitted are submitted again. There is quite a high incidence of records being amended but not actually submitted, and as a result the councils cannot see the updated information in the internal Grants System. It is advisable therefore to ensure the latest data is made available, for both the survey and Research Fish, if the data has not been submitted recently it is advisable to resubmit it again.

The quickest way to check when a record was last submitted, and to resubmit it, is to use the Batch Update functionality. Within Batch Update, select the Resubmit option either from the Document Menu (on the left hand side) or by selecting the radio button and then Continue.

[Ensure the Preferences include the info you need (Last Submitted), even if preferences were selected for one of the other views they may need to be selected again to set up this View].


Enter the Academic Year of 2018 (the current stock of studentships prior to 2019 starts) and Apply Filter.



Select individually or use the Select all option.



Select the Resubmit button.



If any record fails validation it cannot be submitted and will be indicated by a red cross. The validations will have to be cleared by amending the Studentship Details (This cannot be done from this screen and will have to done via the List view).


The Resubmit option will only submit the records displayed on that page.  There may be further pages in which case each page has to be submitted and records failing validation will have to be addressed.


Completing the Survey

     6. Access to the Survey in Je-S

Access to the Submission Survey functionality within your Je-S account is controlled by the Research Organisation (RO). If you don’t have access (Note: the survey will not appear in your account until launched on 21 October) then contact your RO Master Account holder to set it up.

   7. Completing the Submission Survey (available between 21 October to 3 December 2019)

The following information may be helpful but it should be read in conjunction with the Helptext at:


The survey will list the students by Department:

Use the drop down list to select the department

Select Edit to open the studentship details and then provide the appropriate information:

Note: If the student record should not be included in the survey( ie is in error/was not picked up in the checks beforehand) then the only way to remove the record to enable the Department to be Signed Off is to select under the Reason for Non-Submission the option Delayed Submission. The record in error should then be amended in Batch Update and, unless the expected submission date was more than 2 years ago, it will be re-presented in next year’s survey.

All records have to be completed to enable the Department information to be signed off. If you wish to complete the survey later select ‘Document Summary’. 

Once the survey has been completed, select the Sign Off option.  Please note that once this has been selected the data cannot be amended.


     8. If you need help:

Please contact the Je-S Helpdesk if you have any queries.