Declarations of Interests


- Research Council general guidance

- UKRI specific


Research Council general guidance:


Please declare any interests that Research Councils should be aware of when considering your review.

If you do wish to declare an interest in the project/proposal you agreed to review, please use the text box* to indicate the interest specific to the proposal you are reviewing.  

See the below ‘Conflicts to declare’ and ‘Conflicts to decline’ guidance.


If there are no interests for you to declare, please type ‘None’ in the text box.


Select the “Save” option from the top of the screen.


 *This text box must be completed using:

No more than 4000 characters, including spaces, tabs and returns.

Only the standard Je-S character set should be used.

Please remember to save regularly to avoid loss of data.


Conflicts to declare


Conflicts of Interest should include:


• Any interests that may, or could appear to others to, influence the Reviewers opinion. In most cases only current interests would be relevant, however previous interests may also be significant.

• Any close links with or interests in Research Organisations, Industrial Partners or Collaborators involved in the proposal.

• Any commercial or financial/pecuniary interest, for example where the Reviewer is a member of an Organisation that may benefit financially, directly or indirectly from any decision made.

• Any non-financial/non-pecuniary interests or other interests that might be thought to influence the review.

• Any personal or family interest with someone involved in the proposal or who may benefit in any form from any decision made.


Conflicts where the Reviewer must decline


Where the Reviewer is:


• A close friend or is closely related to the Applicant (s)

• Directly involved in the work the Applicant proposes to carry out

• Located at the same Department/Research Organisation as the Applicant(s), Co-applicant(s) or Project Partners

• Working closely with the Applicant(s) eg as a co-author or PhD supervisor or has done within the last 4 years.

To ‘Decline to Review’ please select the option at the bottom of the ‘Document Menu’ list



For further information please select here   


UKRI - Specific Requirements:


Before you complete a review please ensure that you do not have a conflict of interest with the proposal.  UKRI as a publicly funded organisation is accountable to Government and the public for its actions and the way it conducts its business.  UKRI has a conflicts of interest policy in place to protect both the organisation and the individuals involved in providing it with knowledge and advice, and to reduce the risk of impropriety or any perception of impropriety.  We request that you make yourself familiar with the policy available at and inform us by emailing as soon as possible if you have or suspect any conflicts of interest with the proposal you have been asked to review.