Decline to Review

Reviewers who are able to complete the review, but not by the due date given, should not decline the review but instead contact the relevant Council/Funder to discuss an extension to the deadline.

Reviewers wishing to decline the review can navigate to the Decline to Review section of the Document Menu.

Please note that you can let us know about extended periods of unavailability to conduct peer reviews by using the Unavailability function in the Personal Details area of your Je-S account.

Reason for Declining

Please select a reason for declining the review. The options available from the drop down list are:


Please provide further details in the text field (to help inform future Reviewer selection).

Alternative Reviewer(s)

This section is optional. It would be helpful if you could recommend an alternative Reviewer(s) with appropriate subject expertise whom the Council/Funder can approach to provide this review.

Select the Add New option

A new screen will open.

To the right of the Name box click on Select.


The fields required are name, a contact item (email is preferable, but telephone or fax numbers are also acceptable) and a mailing address/city (plus postcode if this is a UK-based person). Note this section is not necessarily available for all schemes.

The decline must be submitted to the Council/Funder for staff to be aware of the Reviewer's decision not to carry out the review.

To decline the review select the button:


Please note that it is also possible for the Reviewer to decide to decline the review after answering some of the questions in the form. The same functionality as described above is used, but Reviewers should note that details of any answers already given will also be returned to the Council/Funder for information only; they will not be used in collating any review responses.