Case for Support and Attachments - EPSRC Specific Requirements

Specific requirements can be found in the EPSRC Funding Guide ( and within individual Calls for Proposals (


Unless requested differently in the scheme or call guidance, the proposal documentation should have the following parts:

Where applicable:

On joint proposals, the Case for Support, Work plan, and Justification of Resources are common to all components of the proposal and should be attached to the lead proposal only.

Proposals containing documents exceeding the page limit, or not adhering to the specified format, will not be considered. 


For accessibility purposes, a sans-serif font style such as Arial or Helvetica should be used as these are more easily readable to those with visual impairment. For the same reason, type should be justified only on the left hand side.

If attachments are uploaded as Word documents in Je-S, be aware that once the proposal has been submitted to EPSRC, all attachments are converted to Adobe Acrobat files (PDF).  Also, as EPSRC do not support all Microsoft Office Word font types, unsupported fonts will be replaced possibly resulting in layout changes to the document; therefore, we recommend documents are converted to Adobe Acrobat files before uploading in Je-S.

EPSRC portfolio managers are happy to discuss proposals before their submission. We particularly encourage pre-discussion of proposals with a complex management structure, those involving large consortia, or those consisting of more than one research theme. We also offer a remit query service for those who think their research may straddle the remit of more than one Research Council.

Please see here for EPSRC specific guidance on what to include in each of the attachments.

Please see 
here for cross council guidance on attachments.


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