Searching for Data

If a text box is shaded, you must search and select data from a pre-defined list. Searching may return entries for single or multiple fields.

NOTE:    To ensure compliance with Data Protection Legislation, all Person Searches are restricted to individuals who have consented to their details being made available in searches. This includes all Je-S users - the consent having been given when accepting the Je-S terms and conditions of use.

Further, in some cases the search is limited to the selected Organisation.  If you want to search for all registered users, click on the here in the "Click here to view all" link below the Search facility.

If you need to include someone as an investigator or Recognised Researcher who is not available in the searchable list, you should ask them to create an account and request it to be registered. Their details will become available once the Je-S Helpdesk has checked the details (to guard against spoof, offensive account details) - this should take no more than 0.5 working days.  The account will be registered once the relevant research organisation has confirmed the account details - this may take two or more working days.


To enter the name of the submitting organisation:
  1. Click on

    The Submitting Organisation window will be displayed:

  1. Type a text string from the name of the organisation you require and click on Search.  The system will return entries that match the text string.
  2. Click on the relevant organisation.  The pop-up window will automatically close and the name of the organisation will be entered into the text box.
To enter the Name, Organisation and Department of the Principal Investigator (PI):
  1. Ensure that you have completed the Organisation and Department fields.
  2. Click on

    The Person Search window will be displayed.

  1. Type the beginning of the person's surname and/or initials into the search boxes and click on Search. A list of Je-S users whose details match the text string you entered will appear in the window.

  2. Click on the relevant name. The pop-up window will automatically close and the data entered into the relevant text boxes.

Entering Other Contacts (eg. project partner contacts, visiting researchers):

  1. Follow the same steps as above.  In these cases, however, if the required contact is not returned, the system offers the option to add a new contact's details ("Add New Contact" button).  The contact is not added to the searchable database, so their details would have to be added each time they are required.