Uploading an attachment to a document

  1. In the Document Data section of an application, click on Edit Attachments to proceed to the Attachments  screen.

  2. To add a new attachment click on the Add New Attachment link and select the 'Document Type' that you wish to attach.

  3. In the Filename box, type the path and file name of the document.


    Click on and navigate to the relevant file.

  4. Click in the Description box and type a brief summary of the document (the summary can help to distinguish between documents of the same type).

  5. Select to attach the document.

The attachment details will appear on the Attachments screen.

Viewing an attachment:
  1. Click on the Filename of the relevant attachment.

Editing the details of an attachment:
  1. Click on the edit link.

  2. Amend the details in the Edit Attachment form as necessary.

  3. Click on .

Removing an attachment:
  1. Click on the delete link.

  2. Then click on the Ok button to confirm the deletion.

The attachment will be removed from the Je-S system and disassociated with that document.

Attachments- Points to note:

Attachments files that are related to a document, such as the Case for Support, should be prepared off-line and then uploaded in the following formats:

If the attachments are uploaded as Word documents, please be aware that once the application has been submitted to the Council/Funder, all the attachments will be converted and held as an Adobe Acrobat file (pdf). Also please note, that whilst we support a wide range, we do not support ALL MS Word font types. Therefore if an unsupported font type is used a different font type may be substituted which may result in changes to the layout of the document. For this reason we recommend that the documents are converted to pdf files before uploading.


For accessibility purposes, a sans-serif font style should be used as these are more easily readable by Peer Reviewers with visual impairment.  For the same reason, type should be justified only on the left hand side. If the Council/Funder believes that the attachments do not conform with these requirements, then the document may be rejected or the document returned with a request to amend the font and/or formatting.

All documentation should be clear and legible and conform to the following requirements:

Council/Funder specific requirements: The Council/Funder requirements Helptext provide further information on the  attachment types which are specific to the Councils/Funders and Schemes, select an appropriate document type from the drop-down list provided. Please refer to the Council/Funder specific requirements Helptext for further details on page/word limits for document attachment types.

Submitted Documents

When the document has been submitted, the attachments page in Je-S will display a ‘view’ link in place of an ‘edit’ link.

Archiving of Attachments

Attachments added to documents in Je-S more than two years ago are archived and cannot be changed.

If the Je-S document has not been submitted, where an attachment has been archived, the attachments page in Je-S will display a ‘view’ link in place of an ‘edit’ link.

Where a ‘delete’ link was previously displayed for an attachment, for archived attachments the link to the attachment is removed: the attachment itself will remain, hidden, within the Je-S system.