Studentship Details Batch Update

The Batch Update functionality allows ROs to view previously submitted student records in a list view. ROs may also make updates to selected fields on multiple records, for example to update funding information, without having to open each document individually.

The data that is available on students are those whose details have already been submitted through the existing Studentship Details pages of Je-S. Research Organisations should ensure that student details are submitted within one month of the student starting their programme of studies.

Through the Batch Update tool, users are asked to update the records where any information has changed, and to add any missing information. In most cases this will comprise the funding details for each year from the start date to the current financial year, and two fields which are mandatory for student records more than one year old.  These are the HUSID and NUMHUS, which represent HESA’s unique student identifiers.

(Research Organisations who do not know who is responsible in their organisation for generating the HESA student identifiers can contact the HESA liaison team at