Studentship Details Batch Update Filters

The Filters page allows users to filter the search results based on the listed criteria;


Academic Year – the academic year in which the student began their studies


Start Year – the actual year in which the student began their studies


Funding Data Status – whether the funding data is complete or incomplete


Relation to RO – the relation of the studentship record or the student to the user’s RO. For example, users can filter on records that have been created by their RO, or students who are registered at or funded by their organisation.


Council – the Research Council that is providing the student’s funding. In the case of students funded by more than once Research Council, this should be the Council that has been designated as the Lead funder.


Scheme – the scheme through which the studentship has been awarded


Department – the Department at the RO where the student is registered


Results can be filtered on more detailed criteria using the Additional Filter option.  Pressing Apply Filter without making any changes will show all of the students registered in the current academic year, from all Research Councils.


If the Academic Year is selected as ‘All’, users will not be able to filter on ‘Funding Data Status’. If users wish to carry out Funding, HUSID/NUMHUS, Resubmit and Archive Tasks, they must select an Academic Year.


Users can tick the Include Archived Students box if they would like the results to include any students whose records have been placed into archive.


Selecting Apply Filter will display the results.