Studentship Batch Update Preferences

On this page, users can customise their display of the list view and update screens by selecting which columns to display. Users should note that it is important to select those items most useful for their task, and that will be contained in a manageable view.


The options are split into two groups, those which are available in all tasks, and those which are only available in the List mode.


The columns available for selection in all tasks are:


Student Name, Department, Student Reference, Start Year, Council, Scheme, RO Where Registered, RO Where Created, RO Where Funded, Start Date, End Date, Grant Reference(s), Updated by, Updated Date, Last Submitted.


The columns which are only available to view in List mode are:


PID, Voucher Number, HUSID, NUMHUS, Stipend, Feed, Fees Only, Total Cost of Partnership, % Funding, Expected submission date, Project Title, Project Abstract.

Once the selection has been made, the Save button should be pressed to update the saved preferences.