Latest Release

Je-S System Release – August 2019

Je-S Discussion Forum removal

The discussion forum has been removed.

Correct Je-S Helpdesk opening hours

A number of Je-S e-mail templates had the incorrect office hours on them and these have been updated.

Change to Sender of Peer Review e-mails

The e-mail address for the following three automatically generated e-mails has been changed from to

Reminder to Reviewer to review 

Notification of late reviews to view 

Notification to Reviewer to advise review is no longer required. 

The links within the text of the following automatically generated e-mails have been changed from to

Peer Review invitation

Notification of late reviews to view

Retire the Je-S Word 97/2000 print option

The Je-S Word 97/2000 print option has been retired.  This option is no longer available in the Document Actions > Print Document function.  Printed outputs can still be created in the following formats: Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), Microsoft Word 2003, Web Page (HTML) and Open Document Text (odt).

Changes since Submission Document Name

The changes since submission document (CSSD), which is produced on resubmission, displayed information that was contradictory to the Je-S history. This has been corrected.

Please contact the Je-S Helpdesk if you require any further information about the System release or if you experience any issues with the Je-S System.

Email: Phone: +44 (0) 1793 44 4164