Known Problems

All platforms

Attaching files:  After browsing to a location to select an attachment to upload, the file location will be lost if you fail to add mandatory information such as the file type.  The browse option will then have to be re-used.

Helptext: Links from some screens to relevant pages may not work but the option exists to use search tool or browse through the section menus.   Context sensitive links are in progress in all areas.

Print templates:  There may be differences in the display of text (e.g. line spacing) on screen compared to the hard copy print-outs.  Users are advised to check that text is displayed correctly in the print-out before forwarding for approval or submission.  Web Format output is encouraged.

Acknowledgment emails: On submission the system automatically generates an email (there may be a delay between submission and email generation. A document successfully submitted to the Research Council will have a status of "with council", the last action in the document history will be "submitted to council" and a funder's reference will be allocated.  If you are in any doubt about successful council submission/receipt, please contact the Je-S Helpdesk in the first instance.

Converting documents to PDF: On submission to council ALL non PDF documents are converted to PDF, the use of non-standard fonts may result in errors or font conversion, which could affect the overall length of the document.  In addition, where non standard fonts are present, and even though the converted PDF document may look unaffected in the Je-S System, when it is imported into the Research Councils Grants System some information may be removed. We therefore recommend that where a document contains any non standard fonts (scientific notation, diagrams etc), the document is converted to PDF prior to attaching it to the proposal.

Grant Maintenance Request: There is functionality available within the Grant Maintenance Request to add more than one Attachment. However we are currently unable to import more than one document therefore if there are several attachments the UKRI Grants team and Research Councils will not be able to view them. Please insert all the supporting documents into a single Attachment.