Collaborative Doctoral Awards only


Proposed Training and Support Please give information on how the training requirements for the student will be identified and how those needs will be met between the HEI and non-HEI organisations.


There will be different skills to be offered and varying contributions to be made by both organisations and supervisors. Whilst it will not be possible at this stage to give specific details on training required for the student yet to be selected, please state what mechanisms you intend to employ to ensure that the student is fully and effectively trained in the discipline-specific and transferable skills necessary.


Please give information about how you intend to monitor the student’s progress and training needs throughout the studentship. Please also give details on the system for regular progress meetings between the HEI and non-HEI supervisors and the student.


Meetings will also be conducted individually by the supervisors and you should indicate how these will be monitored and reported. The same applies to any training that is provided particularly in the workplace.