Targeted Priority Area Data (BBSRC only)

Targeted Priority Studentship scheme only

Select the targeted priority area(s) in which studentship funding is being requested. For each priority area that you select you will be required to complete a number of associated sub-headings.

Edit Project Title and Summary

Provide potential project titles for each priority area. This information is designed to give the assessment committee an understanding of the potential projects available as well as demonstrate that you can offer training which fits with the requirements of the priority area. The order in which projects are recorded does not matter.

Provide a brief outline of the potential projects and specify the research training and expertise which the projects will provide to the students. If a project is envisaged to be a CASE studentship, this should be indicated. 

(Research institutes should provide details of likely university supervisors in addition to institute supervisors.)

Edit Staff Numbers

Please provide details (aggregate of lead organisation and any collaborating organisation(s)) of the total number of staff covered by the proposal regardless of whether they are listed as a potential supervisor or not (i.e. staff who are directly working in the priority area). Numbers should be based on the current academic year and should be split by the categories shown. The box for independently funded researchers should include those who are self-funded, funded under fellowships, longer-term visiting workers (at least 6 months) but not students. 

Edit Current Studentships

Give the numbers of postgraduate students (aggregate of lead organisation and any collaborating organisation(s) working directly in the priority area split by funding body for the last full academic year.

Edit Supervisor Staff

Provide details of all potential supervisors for each priority area. (for proposals from research institutes you should include details of likely academic supervisors as stipulated in your project summaries). There is no restriction on the number of supervisors that can be submitted in connection with this proposal. Only details of those who could be given responsibility for a BBSRC studentship should be entered here. 

For all supervisors give details of the single most significant refereed publication in the last full calendar year i.e. give author(s), title, journal and name and date of the publication.

Edit Research Environment

Give details of the research environment for postgraduate students working within the priority area, including interactions with other postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers, opportunities for student interactions with other senior researchers, opportunities to participate in interdisciplinary team work, and outside links and collaborations.

Provide a statement of the current research facilities available to students in each of the selected priority areas.