- AHRC specific guidance
- NERC specific guidance

AHRC - Specific Requirements

Supervisor / Course Leader

Collaborative Doctoral Awards

You must provide details of a named lead academic supervisor and also a named lead supervisor in the non-HEI organisation.

Please give details of relevant expertise and any recent work undertaken by the lead academic supervisor that is relevant to this project. For the non-HEI supervisor give details of relevant expertise, skills and research interests as appropriate.

Please indicate how many students the lead academic supervisor is likely to be responsible for in addition to the studentship that will be attached to the proposed project. For the non-HEI supervisor you only need to complete details if they have previously supervised a doctoral student or been involved in a similar collaborative arrangement.

Please give details of the previous supervisory experience of the lead academic supervisor and indicate how many PhD students under his/her supervision have successfully completed in the last five years. Where the lead academic supervisor cannot demonstrate sufficient prior supervisory experience, then it is a requirement that a second experienced supervisor from the same HEI be included to act as a mentor. Where a mentor is included, details on the mentoring arrangement must be provided within the application.

Please enter the same details for any other named academic supervisors including any external supervision or those based at other HEIs involved in this project.

You should also enter details of any other named non-HEI supervisor including any based at other non-HEI organisations involved in this project.

International Placements

Please enter the name and institutional information of the supervisor / principal investigator / head of department / mentor etc., who is providing the reference. Applicants should use the ‘Select Supervisor’ button to search for them in the list of existing Je-S accounts. If the person is not listed, use the ‘Add New Person’ button to manually enter their details.

Huntington applicants please note that you must provide a second academic reference as an attachment to your application.

Supervision Details

Collaborative Doctoral Awards

Please describe the supervisory arrangements that are in place or will be put in place, to manage this project within the HEI.

Please say what procedures are in place to ensure adequate supervision of this project should the lead supervisor leave the department or be unable to continue to work on the project for whatever reason.

Please also state if any specialist, or additional supervision will be required and the arrangements for managing this within the overall project especially if this is based at another HEI.

In addition please also state how you have established a mechanism for joint-supervision with the non-HEI partner and how you will ensure continued support for the student should key personnel within the project change.

International Placements

The applicant’s supervisor / principal investigator / head of department / mentor etc., should provide a statement in support of the application (up to 4000 characters), which includes:

If the applicant is making an application to more than one IPS institution, the applicant's supervisor/mentor/Head of Department must ensure that their supporting statement for each application is distinct.

NERC Specific Guidance

Supervisors - Details of the main supervisor (normally the applicant), co-supervisors and any CASE supervisors should be added here.  Only one can be ticked as the main supervisor.  Select the name, organisation and department.  Complete the three text boxes for all supervisors.  All the supervisors can be set up as an Editor with View and Edit Rights so can complete their own details if required.


Supervision Details - Please complete the supervision details section questions.