Research Strategy

- BBSRC specific guidance

- MRC specific guidance

BBSRC - Specific Requirements

Doctoral Training Partnerships

In this section you should give an overview of the Partnership’s research training strategy, detailing the research training that the Partnership can provide, and its alignment with BBSRC’s remit and Strategic Plan.

You should briefly explain the rationale for including the Partners involved in the submission, and the benefits it will have for student training. Where a Research Organisation is coming in alone, the rationale for this should also be provided.

There is a 4000 character limit on this box, and applicants are permitted to include an annex to a covering letter providing up to 5 pages of additional information on the research training strategy, in particular in relation to the strategic priorities being addressed. The covering letter and annex should be uploaded as an attachment to the proposal in the normal way.

This information will supplement the details provided in the Portfolio Agreement regarding the proportions of PhD students that will be funded in each of the strategic priority areas.

Industrial Case Partnership Scheme

Provide a statement on the strategy the company will pursue to derive maximum benefit from involvement in the BBSRC scheme.

Provide details of the areas of research in which the company proposes to allocate Industrial CASE Partnership studentships. Include details of the relevance of the proposed area of research to BBSRC’s remit and strategy taking into account BBSRC’s scientific priorities as set out in BBSRC’s current 10 Year Vision and current Strategic Plan. Nominated areas of research that are outside BBSRC’s remit will be rejected.

Give details of the procedures and criteria used in the selection of the academic departments.

Industrial Case Scheme

Provide a brief summary of the relevance of the proposed project to BBSRC’s remit taking into account BBSRC’s scientific priorities as set out in BBSRC’s current 10 Year Vision and the current BBSRC Strategic Plan. Nominated projects that are outside BBSRC’s remit will be rejected. You are strongly advised to seek clarification from BBSRC if you have any concerns over the remit of the proposed project prior to preparing and submitting a proposal.

MRC - Specific Requirements

Research Strategy

Give details of the experimental approaches, study designs and techniques you will use. Highlight plans which are particularly original or unique. Explain how new techniques or particularly difficult or risky studies will be tackled and alternative approaches should these fail. [MRC specified maximum 2000 characters – see call guidance note]