Related Proposals (AHRC only)

Applied previously

Please note that for Collaborative Doctoral Awards, including those selected through the CDP, resubmissions are no longer permitted.

If you have previously made an unsuccessful International Placement (IPS) application you should provide the reference number.

Grant Reference Number – International Placements only

Student applicants must provide the reference number for their AHRC grant which will be 'live' for the duration of their IPS fellowship. For students whose grant is part of an institutional Block Grant (BGP/DTC), we require the BGP/DTC/training grant reference number to which their grant is attached.

ECRs that hold/have held AHRC funding should provide the reference number for the AHRC Studentship/Fellowship/Research Grant/Networking etc. grant to which they are/were attached.

Applicants who are unsure of their AHRC grant number (beginning AH/... ) should contact their RO.