Number of Studentships Requested

- AHRC specific

- BBSRC specific

- ESRC specific

- MRC specific

- NERC specific

AHRC - Specific Requirements

Collaborative Doctoral Awards only

Please state the number of studentships you are requesting for this project. In the majority of cases this will be one student. In addition to the Extended Programme option it is also possible to bid for up to four studentships to run concurrently where a project is able to offer more than one PhD topic attached to the project to commence in the same academic year.

If you have requested an Extended Programme option you must still enter the number of studentships in this section.

BBSRC - Specific Requirements

Industrial Case Partnership Scheme

Give the annual number of BBSRC studentships requested.

ESRC Specific Requirements

Number of studentships requested:

Please state the number of studentships the Centre for Doctoral Training award will support throughout the three year accreditation period.

MRC - Specific Requirements

Please record the number of studentships required.

NERC - Specific Requirements

Doctoral Training Partnership Scheme

Please state the number of studentships you are requesting for this Doctoral Training Partnership. We expect to award between 12-24 notional students per annum per DTP. The minimum award is 12, but where the proposal justifies it, e.g. on the basis of the research concentration resulting from a strong partnership, applications for more than 24 students per annum are then permitted, and will be considered on their merits.