Funding Details (BBSRC only)

Research Funding

Doctoral Training Partnerships

Give details of total research grant funding from outside sources held by the potential supervisors listed in this proposal as at 1 September 2011. The following categories of funding are available:


This should be expressed as the total awarded value not as an annual income, and include only those grants that have started on the above date.  You should include all relevant funding for the Research Organisations involved in the partnership - where a grant is held jointly with a Research Organisation not involved in the partnership, the Organisations involved should agree on the split of the funding to be attributed to each.


If there are any very large grants that are due to start shortly after this date, you may wish to mention this in a covering letter. Funding for equipment should be in respect of awards from equipment initiatives not equipment awarded as part of research grants. Include the number of researchers and other staff supported by that funding as at 1 September 2011. Applicants from BBSRC institutes should include all competitively won funding excluding the Institute Strategic Programme Grant.


Please remember that any individual supervisor must not be included on more than one BBSRC DTP proposal. Therefore grant income relating to an individual supervisor can again only be included in one DTP proposal for the purposes of meeting the funding threshold for eligibility.

DTG Flexibility

Doctoral Training Partnerships

In this section you should provide details of how the Partnership will use the flexibility afforded by Training Grants to maximise the impact of BBSRC’s funding. If the Research Organisations involved are intending to co-fund studentships from the Training Grant using institutional funding, this should be stated in terms of clear and measurable commitments to joint funding, rather than vague statements of intent.