Training Details


Proposed Training and Support


Provide a brief outline of the processes by which the ongoing quality of the Masters Degree provision is assured. You may wish to refer, for example, to the processes for obtaining feedback from students, industrial partners or other stakeholders. Also provide as an attachment to the Je-S proposal, the report(s) from the External Examiner(s) for the academic year 2007/08, and any formal response made. If the Programme is new, please provide any External Reviewers comments received on the proposal as part of the institution’s programme approval process.

Give details of the department’s policy for generic and employability skills development in line with the Joint Statement of the Research Councils’ Skills Training Requirements for Research Students (now incorporated into the QAA Code of Practice for postgraduate research programmes) at


In particular, distinguish between compulsory and optional elements, and provide details of the department’s process for training needs assessment and for monitoring the uptake of skills development opportunities.


Also provide information regarding the support provided by the department to assist students in moving on to their next stage – whether that be a research degree programme at the same, or another, institution, or employment in a relevant industry. You may wish to refer, for example, to placement opportunities, visiting speakers, etc.


BBSRC will wish to support only Programmes which can demonstrate a robust student selection, recruitment and induction process. For collaborative proposals (i.e. where multiple courses are seeking collective MTG support) provide clear details of how this will be managed. Give details of the procedures and criteria used in the selection, recruitment and induction of students, together with justification. Include details of how the department seeks to address recruitment difficulties, for example, the use of enhanced stipends to ensure that it is attracting the strongest students. You should refer to the standard level of entry qualifications required. If the Programme is new, and has not yet recruited, you should provide information of the proposed required entry qualifications.


Provide details of the specific skills in which the students will be trained as part of the Programme.

Research Environment

Give details of the research environment relevant to the Programme, and how the Programme reflects ongoing research in the department(s). You should also include brief details of other relevant Masters Programmes to demonstrate the range of other relevant Masters level training provided by the department. “Relevant” should be interpreted as meaning broadly within the BBSRC priority areas specified under the call.

You may also wish to include information on opportunities for postgraduate students on the Programme to interact with other postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers, opportunities for student interactions with other senior researchers, opportunities to participate in interdisciplinary team work, and outside links and collaborations.

Provide a statement of the current research facilities available to students on the Programme, their relevance to the Programme objectives, and details of how they will be used.

Please describe industrial/employer involvement on the Programme. For Programmes which are aiming in particular to meet industry training needs, evidence of involvement by industry is essential. You are asked to provide full information here, and provide additional documentation, such as industrial letters of support as attachments to the Je-S proposal. Please only provide letters of support which give a detailed specification of the commitment being made to the Programme (e.g. financially, staff time etc), rather than letters which simply state broad support for the Programme’s aims.