Funding Details

- Current Funding

- MTG Flexibility

Current Funding

Give details of the total research grant funding from outside sources at 1 August this year for all staff involved in the Programme (i.e. only those listed under the Staff Details of the Je-S proposal).This should be expressed as the total awarded value not as an annual income. Where a research grant is held jointly and involves PIs or co-PIs that are not involved in the Programme, an appropriate % split should be given (and not the total awarded value) for those that are involved. In addition, where all the PIs and co-PIs are involved in the Programme please ensure that there is no double counting of grant funding. Funding for equipment should be in respect of awards from equipment initiatives not equipment being awarded as part of research grants. Include the number of researchers and other staff supported by that funding as at 1 August this year. Applicants from BBSRC institutes should include all competitively won funding excluding the Institute Strategic Programme Grant.

MTG Flexibility

The MTG approach gives the department the flexibility to part-fund students from other sources, and therefore may assist a department in leveraging funding from industry partners or other stakeholders. Make reference to current and planned funding from external sources, and plans for attracting further sponsorship of the Programme using the flexibility allowed by the MTG.

Existing BBSRC MTG holders should provide details of how the flexibility afforded by this mechanism has been used to maximise the impact of BBSRC’s funding. Non-BBSRC MTG holders should provide information about indicative plans for using MTG flexibility to maximise the impact of BBSRC funding.

Include details of the Home/EU fee level for the Masters Programme for the current academic year (or for new Programmes, the likely proposed fee). Where the Home/EU fee level is likely to be higher than the fee element included in the MTG, make clear whether the full Programme fees will be drawn from the MTG, or whether other funding will be used to cover any difference between the Programme fee and the fee element included

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