Course Details

Provide the title of the Masters Programme for which funding is being sought, and the indicated degree type i.e. MSc, MRes etc, and the associated web address. The entry for a web address is not mandatory. Indicate whether this is a new course by selecting the tick box at the end of this sentence on this page.

Assign a reference (anything of the users choosing) to this proposal in order that it is easily identifiable to you in the “Studentships Course Proposal – Current Documents” menu within Je-S and complete details relating to the call that the proposal is being submitted against.

Complete details relating to the grant start date and grant duration as requested i.e. 1 October 2010 and 36 months.

Provide a brief summary of the Masters Programme and its optional and compulsory component modules – or refer to the relevant section of the Programme Specification provided as “Case for Support” attachments to the Je-S proposal. Please enter "Refer to Case for Support" if you are not providing a brief summary of the course as this section is mandatory.

Complete details of what you consider to be the maximum, minimum and optimum number of students for whom the course can run. Please note that you are required to provide a full justification for the stated numbers in the “Case for Support” attachment.