List of attachment types:

Case for Support (At least 1; up to 10) including:

1) Main Case for Support (max 4 sides A4)
2) Programme Specification
3) RAE Profile(s)

The Main Case for Support is a key section for the assessment of the proposal. Specify the Programme’s aims and objectives. You should also clearly describe the strategic relevance and timeliness of the Programme to BBSRC’s mission and remit and demonstrate how the Programme meets the identified strategic training needs as outlined in the BBSRC call for proposals.

For both existing and new Programmes, you should make sure you include information on:

• why the training is needed at Masters level;
• the timeliness of the proposal for BBSRC support;
• the evidence you have of the demand for the skills provided by the Programme;
• justification for the numbers that you have provided in the Je-S proposal on what you consider to be the maximum, minimum and optimum number of students for whom the course can run;
• the types of career progression which the Programme is designed to support;
• evidence of the lead organisation and any collaborating organisation(s) commitment to the Programme and how it fits with the organisation(s) strategy.

The project / dissertation / placement component of a Masters degree is of great importance, and you are asked to include information on the selection of projects / dissertations / placements and student supervisors. If this information is covered in the Programme Specification (a separate Case for Support attachment), you may refer to the relevant section.

You should also provide as an additional “Case for Support” attachment, the approved Programme Specification for the Programme. If the Programme is new, and the Programme Specification is not yet fully approved, please provide the current version, and indicate in a covering note when you expect full approval to be given.

Finally, you should also provide as an additional “Case for Support” attachment, the following details of the RAE quality profiles and numbers of FTE Category A staff for all institutions and units of assessment that are directly relevant to the Masters Programme as follows:

Overall quality profile (percentage of research activity at each quality level)

Institution Unit of Assessment (UoA Number of FTE Category A staff submitted under UoA












Letter of Support (up to 10). Provide letters of support which give a detailed specification of the commitment being made to the Programme (e.g. financially, staff time etc), rather than letters which simply state broad support for the Programme’s aims.

Proposal Cover Letter (up to 1). One cover letter may be submitted with the proposal where further information is necessary.

Studentship Proposal External Examiner’s Report (up to 10). Provide as an attachment to the Je-S proposal, the report(s) from the External Examiner(s) for the academic year 2007/08, and any formal response made. If the Programme is new, you should provide any External Reviewers comments received on the proposal as part of the institution’s programme approval process.

Studentship Proposal Publications (exactly 1) – This is a mandatory attachment and must be completed using the standard BBSRC templates available at
BBSRC will not accept stand alone documents.