Self Registration for Organisation

1. Go to the Je-S login Screen by selecting


2. Select the link called self-registration for organisations.




3. Accept the Terms and Conditions.


4. Complete the 'Organisation' page.  Please note there is a restriction on the number of characters available in the organisation name field and words such as 'University' should be entered in English.


5. If a 'Potential Duplicates' page appears please check to see if your organisation is listed.  Your organisation's name may be listed in a slightly different way (eg it may be shortened or a word such as 'University' may be either at the start or end of the name), so please check carefully to avoid creating a duplicate.  If your organisation is on the list please select cancel as it is already registered with Je-S.  If it is not please select Next Step.


6 Add a department and select next step.


7. Check the details and select Create organisation.