Suggest New Keyword

This screen allows you to suggest a new keyword/research topic combination which you think should be added to our standard list within an associated pre-existing Science Area. Suggestions must be made one at a time, and may only be made following a search of our existing list. To make a suggestion:

  1. Type the new keyword into the 'Suggested Keyword' text box;

  2. Select one from the drop-down list of available research topics. Note: you may review the definitions of our existing Research Topics by clicking on the link provided below the drop-down list.

  3. Click the 'Add' button; the system will return you to the 'Referee Classification - Keywords' screen which will display your suggested keyword/research topic combination in a separate table below your personal list.

Note: Suggestions for new keywords are not automatically added to our standard list. They will be stored separately and considered in due course by BBSRC Scientific Peer Review staff, who will decide whether or not to include them. If they are added to the standard list then they will also be added to your personal list. The limit of 40 keywords will not apply in such cases.

If you decide not to suggest a new keyword after all you may cancel at any time you may return to the 'Referee Classification - Keywords' screen at any time by clicking on the ‘Cancel’ button adjacent to the 'Add' button.