Select Keywords

This is the screen in which you may search for and select any of our standard Keyword/Research Topic combinations and add them to your personal list (as displayed on the 'Referee Classification - Keywords' screen. Brief guidance is provided at the top of the screen.

  1. You may search our standard list either by Keyword or by Research Topic or ‘by classification’ if you choose the third option two boxes with drop down arrows will appear, firstly you should choose the Science Area within which you would like to search. All the Research Topics for the selected Science Area will be displayed. By selecting one of these Research Topics the associated Keywords will then be made available for selection.

Note: you may review the definitions of our existing Research Topics by clicking on the link provided below the 'Search by Research Topic' radio button.

  1. If searching by Keyword or Research Topic, click in the text entry box adjacent to the 'Search' button, and type in at least two consecutive characters from the word that you wish to search for (these need not be the first two letters). When you have finished entering your search term, click on the 'Search' button, or hit return.

  2. The results of the search will appear in Keyword / Research Topic/Science Area table. If there is an entry that you wish to add to your list you should click on either the adjacent primary or secondary tick box  and then the 'Add Keywords' button located under the search results table, multiple selections from the search results are possible, click on the primary or secondary tick boxes for each of the keywords you require. You may need to scroll down to reach the 'Add Keywords' button, depending on your screen resolution and browser settings. Clicking on it will return you to the 'Referee Expertise Classification - Keywords' screen, which will have been updated to include your choice(s).

Note: If adding the number of search results that you select would make your personal list exceed the limit of 40 entries then a warning message will appear.

  1. If, after searching, you believe that our standard list of keyword/research topic combinations does not cover your expertise in a specific area then we would welcome suggestions for additional entries. To make a suggestion please click on the 'Suggest New Keyword' button (located below the 'Search' button).

Note: The 'Suggest New Keyword' button is not enabled unless a valid search has been undertaken first.

You may return to the  'Referee Expertise Classification - Keywords' screen at any time by clicking on the ‘Cancel’ button adjacent to the 'Add Keywords' button.

Primary Expertise - areas of science in which you consider yourself to be expert and fully able to comment on in a research proposal which BBSRC may send to you for refereeing.

Secondary Expertise - areas of science in which you have significant expertise and for which you could contribute a BBSRC referee report which would complement those from someone for whom the science falls within their primary experitise areas.