The BBSRC 2006 Referee Classification Form has been designed to have the same ‘look and feel’ as other Je-S system applications. Using a simple but structured approach it allows you to accept or decline the invitation to enter your expertise details in order to referee BBSRC research grant and initiative proposals. It is an expectation that all individuals who have, or intend to, apply to BBSRC for funding, participate fully in the peer review process. The peer review process is dependent on high-quality feedback from referees and your co-operation is crucial to the on-going distribution of science funding to the non-clinical life sciences. BBSRC is extremely grateful for your involvement.

The form invites you to identify up to 40 keyword/research topic area combinations that define your primary and secondary expertise.

The Form comprises a number of different screens, as described below.

Note: Any data you enter while logged on will be saved, so you may log off and return to complete your acceptance in several sessions. However, your completed form will be not received by BBSRC  unless you 'Submit' using the link on the 'Referee Classification - Menu' screen.