Main Menu

This screen is the functional hub of the Acceptance Form, with links which allow you to access all the main functions. These are presented, using the Je‑S standard approach, under the following Headings:

1.      Document Data. This heading contains three options:

2.      Document Actions. This heading contains two options:

3.      Document Import/Export. This heading contains one option:

4.      Document Management. This heading offers one option:

When you've finished completing the Acceptance Form you can return to your Je-S document summary by using the ‘<< Document Summary’ link at the foot of the screen.

NOTE: If you choose to leave the Acceptance Form without submitting it the system will ask if you are sure you wish to do so, and offer the choice of either confirming that you wish to leave the form (you will be able to return and complete nominations at a later date) or proceeding with submission.