Keyboard Summary

This screen presents a table listing the Primary and Secondary Keyword/Research Topic combinations that will be held in your record when you submit your form. Depending on your browser and screen resolution you may need to scroll to view the full table. The first time you open this screen, the table will be empty.

The list may be edited as follows:

  1. to add an entry to the list, click on the appropriate button labelled 'Select More Keywords', and this will take you to the 'Referee Expertise Classification  - Select Keywords' screen (see below)

  2. to remove an entry from the list, click on the tick box to the its left to select it, and then click on the button labelled 'Remove Keywords'. Multiple selections from the list are possible.

The maximum number of entries allowed in the table is 40 of which at least one must be of Primary expertise. In the future it is anticipated that this will allow BBSRC to produce a ranked list of appropriate referees for any given application. If your list contains more than 40 entries an error message will appear alerting you to this, and you will need to remove some entries before you will be able to submit your Acceptance Form.

It is essential that the keyword data held in your record is as accurate as possible, these data will play an important role in our referee selection process.  We therefore ask you to confirm your agreement that it is correct by ticking the 'Confirm Keywords' tick box at the bottom of the screen, adjacent to the  ‘<<Back to Main Menu' Link. If you make further changes after ticking confirm, the box will be automatically cleared, once you have finished making your amendments you will have to re-tick the box.

If you have suggested that BBSRC consider adding any new keyword/research topic combinations (see below) then these will also be listed on this screen in a separate table on this screen. If you wish to remove any suggestion from your list before submitting your form you may do so by highlighting it and using the 'Remove Suggestion' button.

When finished reviewing your keyword/research topic combinations, and any suggestions you may have made, you can return to the main ‘Referee Classification  – Menu’ screen by using the ‘<<Back to Main Menu' link at the bottom of the screen.