Ten Day Turnaround

A Ten Day Turnaround document will be issued if, following peer review of the proposal, an award is to be made subject to the Research Council amending costs which will impact the estates and indirect cost figures provided by the Research Organisation.  The Research Organisation will be requested to provide revised figures for Estates and for Indirect Cost fund headings. The Research Organisation will be given ten working days to edit the proposal and return it, from the point of issue.

The document will be generated from the Research Council back office system, and will appear in the pool that has been configured to receive these (see Pool Admin for details). The individual submitters for this pool will be sent an email alerting them that the document is there. On logging into Je-S, the document will appear in the Document Summary View under a heading of 'Ten Day Turnaround'.

When opened for editing, the Ten Day Turnaround document will have limited sections available for updating - the document will contain details of the originally applied for Staff Effort costs, the amended values, and text explaining the nature of the revised funding.

Estates and indirect costs should be recalculated using the same costing basis applied to the original application (ie the rates used for the original application).

Status Reporting for Research Organisation administrator views will also be updated with a status of “Pre-Award” and an action of  “E & I calculation due”.

The RO should contact the issuing Research Council if they have any difficulty in meeting the deadline.  If the document is not returned within the required ten days, amended Estates and Indirect costs will be calculated by the Research Councils on a pro-rata basis.