Returned proposal for amendment

The Je-S System will return proposals which need amendment to the Research Organisation Submitting Pool, for changes to be made. 

Proposals may be returned so data can be amended, or requested attachments can be amended or added, for example the Case for Support.

If a proposal needs more information or amendments the Council will send it back to the original Submitter Pool in the Research Organisation, with a date for resubmission and the reason for the return.

The Je-S System will email the applicant(s) and relevant Submitter Pool members, to let them know that the proposal has been returned. The email will explain why the proposal has been returned, give instructions for amending and resubmitting the proposal and give a due date for return.

Please ensure that changes are restricted to the Je-S sections or attachment documents stipulated in the office instructions provided. Research Councils will not accept unauthorised changes to proposal documents, after the original Je-S call closing date.

For BBSRC Responsive Mode Proposals

If the corrected proposal is not returned within the designated timescale, it will be deferred to the following Round.