User Access Privileges


The Research Councils take the confidentiality of the Peer Review process extremely seriously, as shown by the protocols each Reviewer signs up to before reviewing proposals or Final Reports.

The Councils do, however, acknowledge that in some cases Reviewers may need to discuss some aspects of the content of the review material with a colleague, or may need to grant access to the review to a member of their own administration staff to assist in the completion of the form. Each Council has a slightly different view on this approach: some Councils preferring that Reviewers do not share details or access to the material at all; others recognise the need for Reviewers to share some information, but prefer that such a step is agreed with the Council before any access is granted.

In order to facilitate this way of working, whilst bearing in mind the need for confidentiality in the realm of Peer Review, the Councils have agreed to offer a subset of the standard User Access Privileges functionality which is normally available in Je-S.

Using the User Access Privileges link, Reviewers can grant access to View or Edit the review form to another Je-S account (either registered or unregistered) holder. Please note that unlike the standard functionality, it is not possible to grant access to a temporary user in Peer Review. Reviewers will be reminded when they do grant access to another user, that this may contravene the confidentiality policies of the Council for which the review is being carried out, and will be asked to check with the Council before proceeding. It is suggested that the Reviewer approaches the Council contact named in the “View Review Information section” if they have any concerns about granting access to another user.

Further guidance on sharing documents can be found here.

Please note, that Reviewers will not be able to grant Submit rights to any other user; submission of the completed review is the responsibility of the Reviewer who has agreed to carry out the review for the Councils. They will also not be able to decline the review on your behalf.