Applicant, Training and Development

UKRI specific requirements

Future Leaders Fellowships

Please comment on the applicant, considering their:

·  Potential for the future, does the applicant have the potential to progress to a long term research and/or innovation career path

·  Current research and/or innovation standing relative to their career stage and on a trajectory to become world-class

·  Ability to carry out the proposed work

·  Training and development plans for themselves (and, if applicable, their team) and for gaining advice or mentorship; supporting not only the programme but also their broader professional development

·  Independence and thought leadership, which may go beyond the level normally expected of their current position

·  Proposed placements or collaborations

·  Understanding of the research and/or innovation landscape at both the national and international level

·  Ability to be, or become, a clear communicator and disseminator of knowledge and innovation, able to inspire and lead others; and ability to develop new relationships and influence across multiple disciplines and sectors

UKRI reviewer guidance and the specific assessment criteria for each scheme is available on the UKRI website at  

Reviewers are also encouraged to read the Peer Review Framework, which describes how peer review is used in assessing proposals and making funding decisions. The Peer Review Framework document is available here :