Reviewer Protocols

On logging in to the Je-S Portal, the standard Je-S Assigned Document Summary screen is presented. If this is the first time a Reviewer has provided an electronic review for the Councils, on selecting “Peer Review” from this list, the Reviewer will be presented with “Reviewer Protocols”. These outline the general requirements on confidentiality, research misconduct, etc., expected from Reviewers by the Councils. Reviewers must agree to abide by these protocols before being presented with any review material. Please note, Reviewers will be expected to confirm these protocols once a year, not each time a new review is requested; the option to update any personal details will also be given. Ongoing maintenance of these details is within the My Details section of Je-S.

If the option “do not confirm” is selected, the Reviewer will be returned to the Assigned Documents screen, and will be able to continue with non-Peer Review related Je-S business only; no access will be given to the Peer Review material. The option to confirm will still be available if the document is accessed again at a later date. If the Reviewer does agree to the protocols, the current Peer Review documents screen, listing any assigned Peer Review forms, is presented.

From time to time the Research Councils may amend the Protocols which will require the Reviewer when they next receive a Review request to confirm acceptance of the revised protocols.

Reviewer protocols are also provided as a link from the document menu for ease of reference.