Availability of required facilities (Fellowship Scheme only).  Please comment on whether the facilities in the host department (including collaborative institutions) are appropriate for the fellowship.  Please note that NERC encourages candidates to undertake their fellowship at a different institution from where they received postgraduate training or are currently employed.  

However, NERC recognises that there may be circumstances where moving institutions is not appropriate due to the institution providing unique facilities or opportunities or for domestic arrangements.  The choice of institution must be justified in the form.

Please use the relevant text box to comment on whether the resources requested to support the research have been fully justified. All applications are subject to an assessment of the resources requested, a full explanation should be given in the justification of resources attachment.

All applications to NERC are made on a Full Economic Cost (FEC) basis. Guidance on the fund headings and how to assess the resources requested along with frequently asked questions can be found at:



All Directly Incurred costs, Investigator effort, use of pooled staff resources and any use of shared facilities and equipment should be scrutinized. Please consider whether the amount of time each investigator will charge to the project is consistent with their proposed involvement, whether this involvement is necessary to successfully complete the project and whether the time estimate is a realistic expectation.

The level of estates costs, indirect costs and investigators salary costs do not need to be justified or assessed.
Project Studentships – Standard schemes

An application for a Standard, Consortium/Large or  Research Programme Grant may include a request for funding for one or more project PhD studentships.

The studentship should constitute a distinct project, providing added value to the research grant. The main research grant project should still be viable without the studentship and should have distinct objectives that are not reliant upon the studentship. The student is expected to be able to develop novel research ideas whilst benefiting from working in a group environment. NERC does not expect the student to be the only dedicated researcher on a grant (excluding investigators).

Please indicate if you consider the studentship(s) to represent a distinct project by selecting Yes or No.

If the proposal does not include a project studentship select n/a to avoid failing system validation when submitting your review

Please use the relevant text box to provide comments to justify your assessment of the viability of the project studentship(s). Also does the studentship represent a good training? Use the written comments section to ensure NERC staff understand the reasons behind your decision, and to enable NERC to give the applicant(s) feedback.

If the proposal does not include a project studentship enter n/a in the text box to avoid problems when submitting your review.

NERC Services and Facilities

Research Grant and Fellowship schemes

NERC underpins its commitment to excellence in environmental research with the provision of access to high-technology facilities. These include research ships, aircraft and their instrumentation, analytical facilities, remotely-sensed data, supercomputers and pools of specialist equipment.

Any individual or group of researchers eligible for a NERC training award or research grant may apply for access to any of the services or facilities. It is important to state in the proposal what services and facilities are required, with whom contact has been made to discuss the work, and whether a separate application has been made to the relevant facility. Prospective applicants must first seek the advice of the appropriate NERC or service contact before a formal application is submitted.

Further information and the full list of facilities can be found on the NERC website at:


In the relevant text box of the review you are asked to consider whether the proposed research could be undertaken or supported by NERC scientific infrastructure. This should be indicated by selecting one of the three options:

Yes the proposal contains research that could be undertaken/supported by NERC scientific infrastructure.
Appropriate use of the relevant facility has been clearly indicated in the application documents.
Yes the proposal contains research that could be undertaken/supported by NERC scientific infrastructure, but use of the appropriate facility has not been indicated in the application documents.
If you select this option NERC staff will discuss use of NERC facilities with the applicant(s).
The proposal does not contain research that could be undertaken/supported by NERC scientific infrastructure