Knowledge Transfer




- EPSRC specific

- NC3Rs specific


EPSRC - Specific Requirements:

Science and Innovation Proposals

The importance to the economy should be outlined for the chosen domain and, where appropriate, the direct or underpinning benefit that should result for the UK economy. In such circumstances, applicants should also outline the connectivity with potential users and indicate the arrangements to enable transfer of knowledge generated by the research.


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NC3Rs - Specific Requirements:

The NC3Rs follows the MRC policy on research data sharing the underlying ethos of which is that publicly-funded research data are a public good, produced in the public interest and that they should be openly available to the maximum extent possible.


The NC3Rs expects valuable data arising from NC3Rs-funded research to be made available to the scientific community with as few restrictions as possible so as to maximize the value of the data for research and for 3Rs benefit. Such data must be shared in a timely and responsible manner.


In your review please consider whether adequate data sharing and knowledge transfer arrangements are in place as well as plans for commercial exploitation in particular:



In addition:

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