If this proposal has been submitted to a specific scheme then the research council will provide additional information in the Instructions to Reviewer section.


- EPSRC specific

- NC3Rs specific


EPSRC - Specific Requirements:

EPSRC reviewer guidance and the specific assessment criteria for each scheme is available on the EPSRC website at


If the proposal has been submitted in response to a published call, you are asked to read that call document and to make your assessment of the application within the context of the aims, objectives and specific assessment criteria for that call. The call document can be found on the EPSRC Website following this link:


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NC3Rs - Specific Requirements:




For information on the 3Rs please refer to the NC3Rs website at or peer reviewer guidance notes for research grants (including project grant, pilot study grants and strategic awards) and fellowships.


Please consider the potential 3Rs impact of the project at the local, national and international level – both in the specific field and for the wider scientific community. Points for guidance include:

Are the questions that are being addressed important 3Rs considerations?

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