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EPSRC - Specific Requirements:

Like the rest of this form, this section is not confidential and will be fed back to the applicant. The prompts are provided as a reminder of those issues that are likely to be most significant in determining the overall merit of the candidate. Please provide as full a response as you believe you are qualified to, explaining why you believe the candidate is of the quality you believe them to be.

EPSRC reviewer guidance and the specific assessment criteria for each scheme is available on the EPSRC website at


If the proposal has been submitted in response to a published call, you are asked to read that call document and to make your assessment of the application within the context of the aims, objectives and specific assessment criteria for that call. The call document can be found on the EPSRC Website following this link:


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NERC - Specific Requirements:

Scheme Specific Guidance:

Responsive Mode Independent Research Fellowships (IRFs)

The new Independent Research Fellowship scheme is designed to develop scientific leadership among the most promising early-career environmental scientists, by giving all Fellows five years’ support, which will allow them sufficient time to develop their research programmes, and to establish international recognition. The primary criterion is the suitability of the applicant and their potential to become a future world class research leader. Track record should be assessed as appropriate to career stage and equal opportunities.

Research Programme Fellowships

Some Research Programmes support a small number of fellowships as part of the overall programme.  The Announcement of Opportunity (available on the NERC website at: should be read in conjunction with the specific Reviewer Guidance for Research Programme Fellowships.

Please refer to the Scheme Specific Reviewer Guidance on the NERC website:


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STFC - Specific Requirements:

For Leadership Fellows Public Engagement please comment on the extent to which the applicant has demonstrated a track record in outreach or communications work providing them with significant research experience. You should also comment on whether the applicant has the necessary expertise and/or access to any necessary expertise in order to carry out the proposed programme of work effectively.

The aim of the scheme is to contribute to the STFC's Public Engagement Programme by investing in good communicators with research credibility so that they act as champions or ambassadors for STFC’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics (‘STEM’) work to public audiences.

Leadership Fellows in Public Engagement are aimed at those with significant research experience who have demonstrated a track record in outreach or communications work. The fellowships will recognise and reward current practitioners and enable them to expand the work they do in public engagement.

Selection Criteria


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