Technical Summary

Please see the following links for details of individual Council requirements for the Technical Summary:


BBSRC - Specific Guidance


Provide a brief technical summary of the work proposed (including the main objectives of the work and the main methods to be adopted).

This field must be completed using:


MRC - Specific Guidance


Sharing information and knowledge about MRCs research portfolio is central to the Council's mission, and consequently summary information including the technical summary for successful applications are published. It is recognised that often researchers wish to keep cutting edge work confidential and that other work may be controversial or have the potential to attract unwelcome publicity. Please do take this into account when preparing your summaries. If you do include information on the use of animals, please be aware that the information - including your name and institution - can be accessed via the MRC web site. For more information please see our MRC website page: Search Funded Research (Gateway to Research)


Technical Summary: Entries in this field shall not exceed 2000 characters.  The Technical Summary should be more in depth and aimed at reviewers who have some knowledge of the area of science involved. The summary  must include the research objectives, such as plans for methodology, including experimental design, (e.g. randomised or controlled trials, the tissues and cells used, animal species need not be specified). Information on the application and exploitation of the research results is required, as are details on the proposed techniques and approaches, (e.g. ion currents, relaxation times, yearly survival rates and quality of life).


NC3Rs - Specific Guidance


Please provide a scientific abstract in the “Technical Summary” field. The summary should be non-confidential as, if successful at the outline stage, it will be used when approaching candidate referees to review the full proposal.