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Project Title

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ESRC Specific Guidance

STFC Specific Guidance

TSB Specific Guidance

NC3Rs Specific Guidance



Project Details


You will need to complete all the sections on this page before you can save.


This form is to be used only for an Outline application to a specific activity. Please read the scheme specific guidance notes on the relevant Council's website prior to completing this form.


Organisation where the Grant would be held

Organisation is the research organisation where the grant would be held.  Only those organisations that have registered to submit proposals through Je-S are available for selection. If the required organisation does not appear in the list, please consult that organisation's research grant administration department regarding plans for Je-S registration. The organisation list is maintained by the Je-S Helpdesk.

If an organisation appears in the list, it does not necessarily mean that it is eligible to apply for research grants from the Council. Generally, research grants are open to UK Universities and similar organisations but eligibility can vary depending on the scheme. See the Investigators section and check the relevant Council's funding guide for further details and contacts concerning eligibility. 


The department list for the organisation is centrally maintained. If the required department is not listed or is named incorrectly, consult the organisation's research grant administration department, who should then contact the Je-S Helpdesk.


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Your Reference

Use "Your reference" to help distinguish easily between proposals in users' Current Documents lists. The reference is intended to be a unique identifier for the proposal and is unrelated to the reference that the organisation would be asked to provide if a grant were awarded.  If an organisation does not have a system for referencing grant proposals, users should create their own.


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Title of Research Project

The title should be as informative as possible, capturing the essence of the research.

It should not exceed 150 characters and must be completed using:

Standard ASCII characters and a limited set of accented characters may be used (Je-S character set). Avoid using specialist characters and symbols outside of the Je-S character set make this a link (e.g. mathematical symbols) because they may not transfer successfully to other computer systems.


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Start Date and Duration:

The proposed start date and duration must be entered


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ESRC - Specific Guidance

Type of Proposal

This form is to be used only for an Outline application to a specific activity where submission of outlines by a specified closing date has been invited. The advertised closing date will be strictly adhered to. Please read the scheme specific guidance notes on the ESRC's website prior to completing this form.


Start Date and Duration

Please refer to the call guidance when considering an appropriate start date. The maximum duration for any application is 60 months. The minimum duration is two months.


STFC - Specific Guidance


STFC accept outline proposals for the Facility Development Grant Scheme and Statements of Interest for PPRP grants only.


TSB - Specific Guidance (Technology Programme only)


Project Title

The project title should be the same as that provided in the Application Form submitted by the Lead Partner.


Competition for Funding

The Technology Programme restricts each Competition for Funding to a number of technology priority areas. Please select the priority area for which the application is being made.


Note: This must be the same as that selected on the Application Form submitted by the Lead Partner.


Start Date and Duration

Select the anticipated start date and duration for your organisation’s involvement in the project. This need not be the same as the overall project since you could select a later start date or earlier finish date to the main project.


NC3Rs – Specific Guidance


Please select the Organisation you will be submitting the application from and the Department. If your Organisation is not listed you will need to contact your Research Office and ask them to register with Je-S. If the Organisation has provided you with a reference number, this can also be entered on this screen.


Please enter a submitters reference. This reference should be used to help distinguish between proposals in your current documents list and is unrelated to the reference that the organisation would be asked to provide if a grant were awarded.


Enter the title of the proposal (the title should be non-confidential as, if successful at the outline stage, it will be used when approaching candidate referees to review the full proposal).


Select the call you are submitting to from the drop-down list (e.g., Project Grant).You must also enter the start date and duration of award for the grant.