Joint Proposals

See the following sections for the common components of a joint proposal.


General Guidance



General Guidance

A joint proposal is one in which two or more organisations are cooperating in a project and are separately seeking funding from the Council. Joint proposals can only be submitted to BBSRC and STFC.


Multi organisation applications to ESRC and AHRC should be submitted on one application form.



The lead organisation:



The non-lead proposal will not include all the sections which are available in the Lead e.g. Objectives, Summary, Beneficiaries etc. The non-lead part can view the Attachments on the Lead part.


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BBSRC - Specific Requirements


For Joint Applications the following information should be included in each of the component applications (including the lead application):



If the application is for continuation of a current project, an interim report on progress to date must be included with the new lead application.


The following should only be included in the lead application:



BBSRC require up to two sides of A4 attachment to the proposal entitled “Justification of Resources”. This statement should be used to justify the resources required to undertake the research project and is a mandatory addition. Joint applications must include a separate document for each proforma justifying the resources requested on that proforma only, not for the project as a whole.


STFC - Specific Requirements

For Joint Applications the following information should be common to all of the component applications:

For the PPRP scheme the following sections will only be available for completion by the lead applicant:

For all other STFC grant schemes all sections will be available for completion by both lead and non-lead applicants. Where Objectives, Summary and Beneficiaries are the same across all parts of the application then the same wording should be used on each proposal. However, it is recognised that these may on occasion vary and so the facility to complete these sections has been left on these schemes to capture where there are differences.

Where there are industrial applicants (i.e. using the Research in Industry scheme) applying as part of a joint proposal with an HEI (using the PPRP or standard schemes etc) the lead applicant should not choose to create new non-lead parts within the Joint Proposals section as this will create documents of the same scheme type. Instead, the lead applicant should note the joint reference generated and provide it to the non-lead applicants to input within the joint proposal section of their form, which they should create from scratch.



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