Completing the Principal Investigator section

ESRC Specific Guidance


Please include all investigators within this section, entering them under the appropriate roles available on the system, such as Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator etc.



Completing the Principal Investigator section

Select Add New Principal Investigator Item

A new screen will open.

To the right of the Name box click on Select.

The PI can check whether their account is verified (See the Account Summary section on the left hand side of the screen when you log into the Home page of your account).

Note: When you created an account you should have selected the option to be an Applicant on a Standard or Outline proposal (Principal/Co/Researcher Co-Investigator). Your request then has to be verified with your nominated organisation's central administration (in the meantime you may continue to use the Je-S system to prepare proposals but will not be able to submit the proposal until you receive an e-mail confirming that the verification process has been completed). If you did not select the option to be named as a Principal Investigator when creating an account then select the upgrade option.


There is a risk that you may not be known to your RO’s central Administration and your account request to be an Applicant  RO may be/has been rejected. If this happens you will receive a system generated email informing you and you should then contact the RO Je-S Administrators and advise them why you need the account verified as an “applicant” and that you will be resubmitting the request (via the Upgrade option in the Account Summary). You must then request an upgrade to your account as described above.


When your account has been verified your Account Summary will be updated to state “You have a full account - this means that you can be an Applicant on a Standard or Outline Proposal (Principal/Co/Researcher Co-Investigator) or an Applicant on a Fellowship Proposal.


Please contact the Je-S Helpdesk if you require assistance or require information about Je-S Account administrators at your research organisation


ESRC - Specific Guidance

Please indicate the 'Role' of those named on the application as either Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator. The Name, Organisation and Division/Department of all investigators must be indicated.