Accessing Your Documents

Under the heading of ‘New / Recently Accessed Documents’ there are links that take you to the Document Menu screen of any new document you have created or any document you have recently accessed. Alternatively you can access all of your documents by selecting the ‘Documents’ option which is located under the Account heading.




This then takes you to a screen that displays all your documents, you would need to select the document type in order to access the documents that fall under that type. e.g. Standard Proposal.

The Standard Proposal link within the Document Menu of the RO Master Account accesses all the proposals created within the Research Organisation since September 2005.  To manage the volumes, and make retrieving the documents faster, the Standard Proposal list has been split down into five year periods.  Links will only be displayed if there are proposals within that time period e.g. documents created between 1 September 2005 - 31 August 2010.

Example of how the Document Menu will look can be seen below. Standard Proposals have been broken down into five year periods.  



Please note that Je-S has been updated to prevent the submission of proposals that were created prior to September 2015.   

Proposal documents created prior to September 2015 can no longer be submitted but you can create a new document and copy the information across as follows:

You can check when a document was created as follows: