Account Management Functionality


Research Organisations(RO) have the option to decide whether it wishes to manage the account requests for Principal Investigators, Co-Investigators and Researcher Co-Investigators.

Opting in to the Account Management Functionality will route the account requests directly to the RO, bypassing the manual intervention stages carried out by the UK Research & Innovation Funding Service, and the RO can then accept or reject the request. In addition to accepting account requests the RO will be able to view all the verified level accounts (but not basic accounts) and can mark them as Gone Away i.e. left the RO, or Deceased to ensure that the Research Councils no longer contact the person.

If your RO wishes to administer the accounts then the sign up option is available in the Master Account:




The RO will be requested to sign up to Managing the Je-S Accounts for Principal Investigators, Co-Investigators and Researcher Co Investigators.


Please note that once the Accept option has been selected the RO will become responsible for managing the accounts and there will not be an Opt out option.


The Account Management Acceptance Criteria:




When the RO has signed up to Account Management the account requests made after that point will be displayed under Awaiting Approval. (Please note that account requests that were submitted before the Opt In will still be administered by UKRI Grants so there may be a mixture of administration processes until the requests in the UKRI Grants system queues are cleared).


Viewing the Account Requests




Select the Approve or Reject link which will then display further information to help inform your decision.


When an account has been accepted the System will automatically send an email informing the account holder that the account has been approved.


If the account is rejected then a rejection reason must be entered:




List of Verified Account Holders


To view the list of people at the RO with verified accounts select the option below:


The list of names and their departments will be displayed. You can sort the surname, forename and department in ascending or descending order. Further refinements to enable easier searching will be included in a later system release.




Setting up the Account Management Approvers


To set up the approvers select:




The following screen will be displayed. Select User and a pop up box will appear. Enter the surname and initials to return the list of people at your organisation.





Click on the name of the Approver to populate the box and then Save.




The list of Approvers will be displayed and can be removed by selecting the Remove option on the right hand side.




When an account request is submitted the RO master account and Approvers will receive an email alert from the Je-S System.


When an account is accepted the System will automatically send an email informing the account requester that the account has been approved.


If the account is rejected then the System will automatically inform the account requester and the rejection reason will be included in the email.


The emails will be sent from the Je-S Helpdesk but the reject email will make it clear that the account is administered by the RO so it may be helpful to include RO contact details in the rejection reason.


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