Pathways to Impact / Impact Summary – Advice for Je-S applications


Following the announcement from UKRI (( on the removal of the ‘Pathways to Impact’ Attachment and Impact Summary section from all Je-S applications and the successful implementation to the seven UKRI Councils Calls.


We are now rolling out these changes to the Innovate UK Calls detailed below in Je-S throughout the week commencing 18 May 2020.



The Je-S system will remain open during implementation of the changes. However please note that if you have an application in progress for either of these two Calls which has not yet been submitted (including those proposals within Submitter/Approver Pools) you may receive the validation error(s) below when submitting your application:




Technical Workaround

The guidance below shows you how to submit your application if these validation errors appear:


Impact Summary section validation error

The Impact Summary section will be removed along with any information previously completed within this section prior to the change. You will be unable to view or copy this information once the section is removed.  

A warning message of ‘This section is no longer required’ will display on submission of the application.  Please ignore the warning and continue to submit the application.


Pathways to Impact attachment validation error

Any Pathways to Impact attachments uploaded prior to the change will remain.  However, at the point of submission an error message will display:

‘The attachment type for attachment {document name} is no longer supported within the scheme’. 

You will be required to remove the attachment before you can submit the application.  

To remove the attachment you will need to return to the Attachment section of the application, and click to ‘delete’ the document marked as type ‘Pathways to Impact’.



If you have any questions regarding the technical workaround, the helpdesk can be contacted: