Years of Postdoctoral Experience (Not BBSRC)


For some Council’s schemes applicants must have, or expect to have, a PhD. Applicants must state the number of years’ postdoctoral experience they would have by the time of taking up a fellowship.


Please refer to the individual Council’s guidance notes for eligibility criteria.


Applicants for a NERC fellowship, who have not got their PhD at the time of application should enter 0.


For applicants for ESRC Research Fellowships with less than 10 years of postdoctoral research, a mentor will be required within the department in which the award will be held. Details of the mentor and the mentoring arrangements should be submitted as an attachment type 'other'.


In calculating 'active' experience in relation to Mid-Career Fellowships, the ESRC makes allowances for periods where the applicant has interrupted their career for family, health or other personal reasons.


Qualifications and Experience (MRC only)




On this page the applicant should detail their Research Experience


This should include any other relevant experience e.g. details of research training, technical skills, responsibility for managing other staff where applicable. Applicant employment history should not be entered here, but should be entered in a C.V. attachment instead.


Predoctoral applicants who are already registered for a degree course should indicate the degree type, date of registration, and whether they are registered full-time or part-time in this section.


Please note that fellowship applicants are also required to detail any current or previously held fellowship awards within the Qualifications and Experience section.


List your current academic and higher professional qualifications in this section, starting with the most recent qualifications. This section should also not only include details of your research experience to date, but also details of any other relevant experience which you may have such as research training, technical skills and responsibility for managing other staff, where applicable.


Higher Degree Registration (Not BBSRC, NERC and STFC)


Applicants must state the date of their PhD submission or its expected date if they have not submitted by the time of making the application.


Date of PhD Award (Not BBSRC)


Applicants must state the date of their PhD submission or its expected date if they have not submitted by the time of making the application.


NERC - Specific Guidance:


Applicants for NERC Independent Research Fellowships may have up to a maximum of eight years of full-time postdoctoral experience from the PhD certificate date to the closing date of the fellowship competition to which they are applying. The eight year window is based on full-time working. Where applicants have worked part-time or had career breaks, the eight year window will be extended accordingly. If the date of PhD Submission would suggest the applicant may not meet this criteria, information should be included in the CV to clarify the actual PhD Certificate date and/or periods of career breaks or part-time working.