Timetable (ESRC only)

Provide a clear timetable of the project and the intended progress of the Fellowship through different stages of work. This helps referees assess the proposed approach, and facilitates monitoring.

You may present the timetable in your own way. Please include all research activities to be undertaken, e.g. theoretical work, preparation and design work, fieldwork, analysis, writing and publication, research seminars, research training.

The timetable should demonstrate that the research has been properly planned and the time needed to complete it, including dissemination activities, has been carefully estimated.

For Mid-Career fellowships, this is the section where applicants should lay out their work plan for the fellowship. Applicants should summarise the key milestones within the Je-S application, as well as providing a more detailed timetable as an attachment, categorised as "Workplan".

Please note this section does not apply to the Postdoctoral Fellowships Scheme.