Resource Summary

This section is populated automatically, based on data input under one or more of the fund headings. The total will be the full economic cost (fEC), excluding contributions from any project partners. The % fEC to be paid by the Research Councils will be shown and the Research Council's contribution automatically calculated.

Directly Incurred: Staff, including Researcher Co-Investigators (will include Investigators if they are Directly Incurred), Travel & Subsistence, Equipment and Other Costs.

Directly Allocated: Investigators (if Directly Allocated), Estates Costs and Other Directly allocated (will include named researcher/technician posts if selected as DA).

Indirect Costs: Non- specific costs charged across all projects based on estimates that are not otherwise included as Directly Allocated costs and will be shown as a single figure.

Exceptions: Items either automatically calculated at 100% fEC (Staff -Project Student) or Other Costs indicated as an Exception within the Other Directly Incurred section of the document.

Staff Effort Summary: This table is populated automatically from the directly incurred and directly allocated staff details entered. The months of effort requested are displayed for the following categories of staff:

However, please note that although all of these categories will be displayed, not all staff types are applicable to all schemes.

Research Council Facilities: The cost of all Research Council facilities requested will be displayed as a Total cost below the Staff Effort Summary Table..