Staff: Payroll costs requested for the staff e.g. Sponsor, technicians, research assistants (full or part-time), who will work directly on the research project, or whose time working on the project can be fully supported by an auditable record for its duration.

Staff salary costs should be requested under this heading if the Research Organisation considers that these costs can be supported by a full audit trail during the life of the Fellowship.

These should be entered under the relevant headings of Researcher (additional to the Fellowship Applicant), Technician or Other Staff.

Funding for pool staff or for staff whose time will be shared with other projects/activities and will not be supported by an auditable record should be requested under the Other Directly Allocated Costs heading.

Salaries should be shown as for the Fellow, with totals over the duration of the Fellowship.

Part–time Fellow and staff- please note that completed time-sheets for a part time Fellow and for any other part-time staff should be retained for the duration of the Fellowship for submission on request to the MRC.

Please see the MRC Applicants Handbook ‘Financial Support’ section for further information.