Research Council Facilities



- General Guidance

- BBSRC specific

- EPSRC specific

- MRC specific

- NERC specific

- STFC specific


General Guidance:

Select from the list of Council-supported facilities and enter the level of usage (in appropriate units) required for the research (except for STFC applications). 


Ensure that the requirements can be met before the research proposal is submitted.





BBSRC - Specific Requirements:

When requesting beam time on the SRS at Daresbury Laboratory or at Diamond, please indicate in your case for support.


a) Which facility
b) Which beam line

c) Which station is required.


This will facilitate the technical assessment of your proposal by STFC staff.


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EPSRC - Specific Requirements:

Please check with the facility/service provider that the resource is available and to ascertain the costs of the service.  In some cases a technical assessment by the service provider will be required to be submitted with the application as attachment type "technical assessment".


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MRC - Specific Requirements:

Ensure that the requirements can be met before the research proposal is submitted and obtain any costs for use of the facilities. Any costs should be entered under the ‘Edit research facilities/existing equipment’ section.


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NERC - Specific Requirements:

For some facilities (sea-time, access to ATSR projects and FAAM), the grant application form must have an additional application form attached. Please see the NERC Handbook for details and points of contact.


For all other NERC facilities, choose the facility you wish to use from the drop down list and add the facility costs into the grant under 'other directly incurred costs'. For joint grants, choose the facility on each proforma, but only put the costs on one proforma.  Contact with the facility should be made prior to submission to ensure that the work can be done, both from a scientific aspect and to confirm that the facility has the capacity to fulfil your request during the required time period. The facility staff will be able to provide details of the costs.


If you do not require the use of any facility then tick the 'facilities are not relevant to this application ' box. You will not be able to validate or submit your application unless this box is ticked or a facility is selected.


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STFC - Specific Requirements:

Applicants wishing to use a facility that STFC owns, manages, or for which it is the UK Agent must ensure their requirements for access to the facility can be met by contacting the specific facility co-ordinator before submitting their proposal.


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